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The High Fructose Art of Shawn Sullivan

Custom Graffiti is how I always jokingly referred to my artwork, I didn’t know how else to quickly describe it.

Custom Graffiti was my way of saying I think I fit here. This underground type of art was happening in automotive, comics, album covers, magazines, but it certainly wasn’t accepted in galleries, not like today. The term Lowbrow or Kustom Kulture wasn’t even a stamp yet for my hot rod, skeleton, monster style art. Graffiti art usually has a message under the surface of the cartoony design, the message can be comical or ironically dark. This is at the root of my work, I love humor and making people laugh. I love dark subjects and being absurd. Custom Graffiti seemed to fit.

Custom Graffiti now means many things, so yes I get the occasional fool who thinks I scribble names. Look around, not what I do.

I create art in a variety of mediums. Everything starts out hand drawn, then I decide if it’s going to be painted, sculpted or both. I sometimes create art digitally on my MacBook Pro, or iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I use Illustrator and Photoshop on my Mac. I use a variety of apps with the iPad Pro. When I paint, it’s usually acrylic or the sweet smell of 1-shot. Everything is a potential canvas for my character-driven designs. Most of my scribbled, scratched and sprayed designs are on canvas or wood, its easier to move them that way.

My artwork is heavily influenced by Animation, Comic Books, Television, Monster Movies and Graffiti Art Murals. You can read more about my artwork, how it started and who’s to blame here.

Custom Graffiti is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+.

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