A Hidden 8?

In dedication to his 16 year old brother, who’s life was cut short in 1992.

He began placing the number 8 (his brother’s football number) on every piece of artwork he creates, sometimes it’s hidden.

Metal Prints

“Root Beer”

“Pork Float”

“Bad Wheel”



“Cat Jam”

“Dead End”

“Bad to the Bone”


“Franks Parts”

“Hear No, See No”



Welcome to Custom Graffiti

custom graffiti

Custom Graffiti is the web presence for the
Mad Art Renderings and Creative Design of Southern California Artist Shawn Sullivan.

Illustration • Sculpture • Design

Custom Graffiti is how he always referred to his artwork, they didn’t really have a name for his Skull, Skeleton and Hot Rod Designs, today they call it Lowbrow or Kustom Kulture.

Why Custom Graffiti?

Custom = “Made to the specifications of an individual customer.”
That’s what he does!

Graffiti = “Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.”
Everything is a potential canvas for his 1-shot, character-driven designs. Most of his scribbled, scratched and sprayed designs are on canvas or wood, its easier to move them that way.

His artwork is heavily influenced by Animation, Comic Books, Television, Monster Movies and Graffiti Art Murals. You can read more about his artwork, how it started and who’s to blame here.

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Hidden 8?

What’s the deal with
the hidden 8?
Why is it on every piece
of artwork created and
where are they hidden?

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