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Who am I? The story of how it started and Who’s to Blame!

I was born addicted to cartoons, comic books and orange crush. These influences combined with the sugar high, would cause visions of Cars and Creatures. I soon started trying to capture these visions on paper and other fellow addicts began to encourage me.

My addiction was further fueled by the works of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, “The Munsters” and the Funny Cars of “Snake and Mongoose.” This all led me to becoming a hot rod junkie. In 1984, I began experimenting on an Apple computer, which led to my becoming involved in Digital Design and working with numerous design studios. Today I reside in Southern California, still working with ad agencies and displaying my work at various art shows, galleries, and hot rod events.


In dedication to my brother Jeremy, who’s life was cut short in November of 92′ at just 16 years old. I began placing the number 8 (his football number) on every piece of artwork I create, sometimes it’s hidden. For example, above is my design titled “P-40” notice in the magnified area that the number 8 is hidden on the wing of the plane.



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