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Mad Max Fury Road Cars

May 14th, 2015|0 Comments

Mad Max Fury Road Cars, the Ultimate Rat Rods! [...]

  • A cute new maternity shirt design featuring a twitter stork.

Twitter Maternity Shirt

July 15th, 2013|Comments Off on Twitter Maternity Shirt

Let everyone know your status, with the "Oh How Tweet" twitter maternity shirt for new moms. This new [...]

Time Lapse Skeleton Gunfighter Sketch

July 2nd, 2012|Comments Off on Time Lapse Skeleton Gunfighter Sketch

What does a Skeleton Gunfighter look like pouring out of my brain? Take a look below. Some [...]

“Fallen Star” crashes onto UCSD campus

June 26th, 2012|Comments Off on “Fallen Star” crashes onto UCSD campus

Fallen Star looks as if Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz has come to rest seven stories above the UCSD campus teetering on the edge of Engineering building 1 also known as Jacobs Hall.

Ash Sculpture

May 24th, 2012|0 Comments

Introducing "Ash" a highly detailed sculpture of a skull clutching a cigar [...]


February 14th, 2012|1 Comment

I noticed this truck all graffiti'ed up while cruising to the beach in Newport [...]

  • Mr Little Van Halen

Western Exterminator Mr Little

February 14th, 2012|0 Comments

Mr. Little, most Southern California residents will recognize him. He's the mascot of a [...]

Top 5 New Cars

February 3rd, 2012|0 Comments

Top 5 New Cars I Dream About! If your a rich guy leaving all your millions to your cat, [...]


January 24th, 2012|0 Comments

Lytro lets you take pictures like never before. Refocus a picture after it's taken?   No Way!   Yes, Way! Unlike [...]

Hot Wheels

January 9th, 2012|1 Comment

Real "Hot Wheels" Cars! BoneShaker Designed by Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood. His original sketch is included [...]