cupid paper toy

Paper Toy Cupid

I call him the “Cupinator!”

  • Having trouble talking to that cute girl at school?
    –  Break the Ice with Cupinator!
  • Ruined your marriage?
    –  Fix it with Cupinator!
  • Forgot Valentines Day again and need a gift quick?
    –  Cupinator to the rescue!

Why would she want candy or roses when she could have folded up paper. Solving the worlds problems one fold at a time! Thanks Supinator! This chubby cherub stands about 5 inches high, has golden blonde hair, dimples and rosy cheeks. His little wings didn’t evolve as fast as his stomach and they can no longer lift him off the ground. He’s wearing pink BVDs with red hearts, pink and red tennis shoes and his left hand is holding the high voltage arrow shooting Valen-tazer. You never know when or where you’ll be struck by loves arrow, so beware!

Download Cupid Paper Toy
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