Music can transport you and lift you up, it’s a powerful source of inspiration, adrenaline, comfort, Peace, Love, and Joy!

“Joy” is my latest design dedicated to those who have a deep love for music and a little nostalgia for some of the formats we have consumed it on from iPhones and iPods to CDs, Cassettes and Records. The music begins to elevate her and lift her out of her current location taking her on a journey wherever she wants to go, the monitors for peace and love are beginning to spike. Music to me is almost like a religious experience and this design is also inspired by religious imagery. Her hair and body pose feel Hindu and the overall design is meant to reflect a stained glass window design. See what I did there?! 😀 Currently available as a metal print and also a lighted version. Contact me for further info and pricing on the lighted version. Cheers!

P.S. I didn’t forget 8-tracks I just ran out of space, maybe there will be a second edition.

Print is signed by the artist


12″x 18″ Durable Metal Print

Float Mount Hanger Included, Image floats on the wall.

Ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface

Bright Vibrant Colors

Waterproof/Weatherproof, Cleaned Easily

Avoid Direct Sunlight