Shawn Sullivan Shiza #20 – Bikes and Bones, Big Hair, Texas and AquaNet, Dating Game

Podcast "Shawn Sullivan Shiza" Episode 20 Today Shawn discusses Bicycle Accidents, Broken Bones and the Chicken Pox, Big Hair [...]

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Shawn Sullivan Shiza #15 – F-U Disneyland, Creepy Carl, Kim Kardashian & Donald Trump

Podcast "Shawn Sullivan Shiza" Episode 15 Today Shawn discusses F-U Disneyland, Creepy Carl, Apples HomePod, Kim Kardashian and Donald [...]

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Shawn Sullivan Shiza #14 – Amazon Echo Creeper, Terrible Church Kids, Chew and Beer

Podcast "Shawn Sullivan Shiza" Episode 14 Today Shawn discusses we were terrible church kids, Amazon Creeper, Jeff Bezos, Samsung [...]

By | 2018-06-20T16:36:09+00:00 May 29th, 2018|podcast, Posts|0 Comments

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