A Car Named “Gaylord?”

Just off Michigan I-75 on the way to Mackinac Island, there is a town called “Gaylord” and being immature, I laughed and decided to stop. Gaylord Michigan is a pretty cool little city, that looks like an Alpine Village. As I walked around, I noticed an antique car in the window front of a small building, once inside I was then informed that I was staring at the last remaining car of its kind, a “1911 Gaylord.” A what? I couldn’t believe my ears, a car named “Gaylord?”

A car and a car manufacture both with the name gaylord, I was surprised I had never heard of either before. Gaylord, not one of the toughest names in automotive history! If you happen to be in the area, its worth stopping off and visiting the town of Gaylord and the car of its namesake, its the only place you will ever see one.