Detroit Rod City

I was lucky enough to be in “Detroit Rod City” (Michigan) this year at the same time the “Detroit Autorama” was going on. The top floor of the Autorama had everything from trailered cars to the “Fonz.” I wasn’t expecting Henry Winkler to show up wearing the leather jacket, but the baby blue sweater and loafers wasn’t what I was expecting either. Another memory of a childhood icon destroyed, back to therapy!

Best surprise of the show was seeing the “Red Baron” up close and in person, this was one of the cars I Loved as a kid and I still have the Hot Wheels to prove it! And parked next to it were the “Fire Truck” and the “Super Semi Zinger.” A triple whammy blast from my childhood!

Then it was off to the cellar where they were keeping the “Rat Rods” or “Retro Rods” as I prefer to call them. This category may have its roots being “Ratty,” you still see cars that look straight out of “Road Warrior,” or look like the result of a therapy session in someones garage. But parked right next to it, you will see some “Beautiful Junk,” like the car “Buzzin 1/2 Dozen” at this years show.