Cupid Toy is here!

Spreading the Love One Fold at a Time!

  • Having trouble talking to that cute girl at school?  Break the Ice with Cupid Toy!
  • Ruined your marriage?  Fix it with Cupid Toy!
  • Forgot Valentines Day again and need a gift quick?  Cupid Toy to the rescue!
A Box of Candy? A Dozen Roses? A Diamond Ring? Your wife or girlfriend doesn't want any of these.

What they really want for an Anniversary or Valentine's day is pieces of paper cut up and folded.

It doesn't get any better than that. Consequently if you both get paper cuts you can do that "I pinky swear to Love you thing." How Romantic! And it's in blood, so there is no take backs. You hear that Becky Jones? There is no take backs you pinky swearing liar!!! Oh sorry, I got sidetracked for a moment, back to this toy thing. It's a paper toy so technically its environmentally friendly. Unless you count the cutting down the tree part and running it through a paper mill. But who's counting that part Debbie Downer? Were trying to save relationships here, so lets keep it positive. This chubby cherub stands about 5 inches high, has golden blonde hair, dimples and rosy cheeks. His little wings didn't evolve as fast as his stomach and they can no longer lift him off the ground. He's wearing pink underwear with red hearts and tennis shoes. In addition he's holding the high voltage, arrow shooting, "Valen-tazer." Please be careful when handling the "Valen-tazer," it comes loaded. A friend of mine was beta testing it. As a result he accidentally shot a stray cat and he's never been able to get rid of it. Also you never know when or where you'll be struck by loves taser, so beware!