Frankenstein  Toy!
One of the greatest monsters of all time, Get Yours Now!

Ole’ Bolty neck is looking good in his jeans, stapled forehead and waffle pattern boots.

Do you need a hug after a long day? Frankenstein toy is hug ready. Looking for a carpool buddy? Frankenstein toy loves car rides. Need a date for the Smiths party friday night? Frankenstein toy is the perfect wingman.

Why did I do this? I thought creating a Frankenstein Toy would be fun, and in fact it was. Frankenstein has always been one of my favorite characters. Frankenstein Toy stands 4 1/2 inches high and about 6 inches wide.

In addition every piece of art I create has the number 8 hidden on it somewhere. And there’s one on this guy. You can read more about why here.

It’s time for scissors and for you to try out that new set of band-aids in your medicine cabinet.

Obviously I’m kidding, please be careful. Why should scissors have fun? Scissors lead a sad and boring life. Opening bags of lettuce or freeing a child’s new toy from the evil grasp of plastic molding and ties. It’s a win-win.

I have never had studio space of my own. (Goes off on a government rant for 20 minutes)  Growing up the dining room table was perfect for large projects.

My mom would tell me “Please be careful,” to which my response was “Yeah-yeah, I know.”

Consequently one of my projects required the dining room table and a utility knife. (I heard your gasp, yes it gets ugly). Surely I was being smart using a scrap piece of cardboard as a cutting board underneath. In reality a shredded red table-cloth was underneath. Thus a fitting color for this murderous crime. Moreover it looked as if Freddie Krueger had just tried to group hug some teenagers through it. Further I could hear that psycho shower scene music as I investigated the damage holding it up to the light. I killed it, and now mom is going to kill me!

Sadly that’s not where it ends. As a result I cut through the tablecloth, I cut through the padding and into the table’s rosewood finish. Random deep cuts now covered one end of the table. Furthermore it looked like a toddler with a pocket knife had tried to carve his name into it. To sum up, if you’re using mom’s table show her some love and use a cutting board. You can read more about who’s to blame here.