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Podcast “Shawn Sullivan Shiza” Episode 17

Today Shawn discusses Who wore the Black Leather Pants Tighter? Olivia Newton John in Grease “Tell Me About it Stud!” or Freddie Mercury in the Queen Rock video “I want to Break Free!” I quickly glanced at the Freddie Mercury video but I’ve been studying that scene from Grease since my childhood. Apple unveiled the future versions of iOS12, MacOSX Mojave, and Watch OS5 here’s the quick on whats coming soon. The Rock Albums Alterbridge “Fortress” and “1000 hp” by Godsmack in my opinion the 2 best rock albums by the younger generation of rock artists in the last 10 years. And Miles Kennedy of Alterbridge is one the best rock vocalists of all time in my opinion. Nobody beats the “Godfather of Rock” Stephen Tyler but miles is the best of the young generation. Nobody is forgetting Freddie Mercury but were talking about those still livin. Cheers!