Probably the Worst Kid Costume Ever!

If parents could be charged for Halloween crimes against their children these people would be
going down! 🙂 Its creative and they did a nice job building the costume. Butt it stinks!

You can’t help butt feel a little sad for the tike, she was robbed! Halloween the one time of year a kid can be anyone they want to be, a Pirate, a Princess, a Superhero, a Toilet! Judging by the look of her face, she seems to really be enjoying the costume, LOL!

I Love this quote from one of the parents:

Luckily her size was roughly proportional to an actual toilet

Yes lucky for her she was taller than a cow pie and shorter than a Porta Potty! When I look at my daughter what do I see? A little princess? A cute little kitty cat? Nope I see a Toilet! Wow!

The parent also said:

I was inspired to do this costume for my daughter because she was in the process of potty training at the time, the toilet lid opens to reveal a bowl that functions as the candy receptacle

Hey little suzy, this is where we go potty and also where we store our candy! LOL!

Hopefully shes too young to remember it, I’m sure this will be used as evidence in a therapy session down the road. I could keep going on and on about this, butt I’m pooped! 😛