What does a Skeleton Gunfighter look like pouring out of my brain? Take a look below.

Some artists sketch beautifully, I’m not one of those.

My sketches usually look like a chaotic mess and over time are reworked into something I can live with. Most of my sketches start with no plan, nothing in mind. My pen just wanders aimlessly around making shapes and I hope it forms into something useful. Like this Skeleton Gunfighter, he wasn’t planned he just happened.

I really struggled trying to draw the hat I wanted from memory, sometimes its best to stop and look for reference material. Especially when your not sure exactly what you want, I’m still not sure what hat I’ll be using for my skeleton gunfighter. Like every work it will evolve over time, sometimes you need to let them sit and return to them later.

I’m kind of an impatient person and have noticed that I tend to rush my artwork along at times. I should be slowing down, enjoying the process and not rush through it. Something I really struggle with at times.

I prefer to sketch in SketchBook Pro, combined with my wacom cintiq, drawing feels very fluid and natural. I then take the sketch into Illustrator to finalize. Starting out I usually don’t have a plan for how an illustration will be used, so I try to finalize all my artwork in Illustrator. Vector artwork (illustrator) is so much more flexible, scaling a design has no limitations like a photoshop file. And if I needed to create a vector version of something I created in Photoshop I would be basically redrawing it all over again. So why not just start out with a vector version and then if you need to evolve it into a painting, take it into Photoshop.

I’m posting this as inspiration to others who try to create with too much caffeine in their system!