shopp vs Shopp

Let me first start by saying Shopp Sucks!

Don’t waste your money on Shopp, but if you do decide to purchase Shopp, I’ve got a license I’m trying to get rid of.

If your using WordPress and your on the fence between buying Shopp or Cart66, read on about my experience with both ecommerce wordpress plugins. Or download the Lite version of Cart66 and try it for yourself. Shopp doesn’t have a lite version available, nor will it anytime soon. Because once you try Shopp for yourself, your not going to be buying it and they know it!

Why does Shopp suck? Because it is very misleading with the phrase, “Need to customize every aspect of the shopping experience without a bunch of code hacking headaches?” Shopp is nothing but a headache for a designer like myself, I guarantee the people who Love Shopp are coders. The response from the help desk is to go seek help in the forum or hire a coder. I wasted almost 2 years learning code, instead of selling and creating my artwork which is all I wanted to do in the first place!

At first Shopp had conflicts with my web site, then I hired a coder to help customize it and eventually I was ready to go, only to scrap it all because of Shopp’s crappy USPS shipping plugin which costs an extra $25. The shipping plugin can not calculate based on weight, even though you can enter this info per product.

One of my pieces of artwork, weighs 7 pounds and Shopp gave the customer an option to ship it across country in an envelope for $5.

This 3′ x 4′ artwork, would never fit in an envelope but it was a shipping option, ridiculous! Shopp suggested hiring a programmer to fix these issues, I couldn’t believe my ears, I paid an extra $25 dollars for what I thought was custom programming from the authors of the plugin. Shopp did refund my purchase for the shipping add on. By the way, to get any real use out of Shopp you have to spend more money by purchasing add ons such as $50 for both the USPS and UPS shipping addons, Cart66 has both of these built in at no extra cost.

I did in 2 hours with Cart66, what I couldn’t do with Shopp in 2 years. And the amazing part is the freedom you have with Cart66, I can put a purchase button anywhere, in a post, a page, etc. They have custom short codes that make this possible and easy to use. Shopp doesn’t have this freedom, your stuck in the cookie cutter grid shopp atmosphere, because you can forget about customizing it unless you want to hire a coder. The only draw back I can currently see with Cart66 is if you have a ton of products, but the good news they are aware of it and I’m confident the Cart66 team will figure this out.

shoppIf you need ecommerce for WordPress, get Cart66 Now! Just click the link to the right. With Cart66 I didn’t have to hire a programmer, hack or create custom code, post in their forum and sit, wait, hope and pray for a response. By the way, that is what most of my 2 years with Shopp was, waiting for forum replies to get around stumbling blocks I had with Shopp code.